Get out of debt fast.

From roundups to refinancing, MochaWallet streamlines every part of the debt paying process—so you can focus on your life, not your debt.

Payoff your debt

We take the change from your everyday purchases and use it to pay off your loans.

Connect your bank account, credit cards and loan providers

We make the right payment to the right loan at the right time

We round up each purchase to the nearest dollar

Unlock the power of people

Receive matching contributions from friends, family or your employer.

Invite friends & family to help you take on this challenge

Invite your employer to match your contributions and help you pay off your debt faster!

Earn rewards

Shop at your favorite places and earn cashback towards your loans.

Earn achievements and unlock new features

Beautiful and unique

No Hidden Fees. Completely Free!

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State of the art bank-level security

Security is essential to everything we do!

MochaWallet uses end to end encryption to make sure your information is safe.

We are continuously improving our infrastructure to meet the highest standard of security. Your data is encrypted at all times using AES 256 bit encryption; this is also the same encryption used by financial institutions.